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GCAT group Inc is one of Canada's Largest and finest Limestone and Marble specialists. With over 15,000 Sq. Ft. of showroom, we are sure there is something in our stores for you to choose. In display are varieties of products such as fireplace mantels, surrounds, statues, columns and limited medallions. There are sketches and hand carved sample pieces to illustrate what we can do. Also on showcase are samples of our popular stones.  Regardless of how little you know of your material or design, our sales rep will walk you through, giving you an idea. 


The shop has many workers who are dedicated to their jobs as they are enhancing our business.  Our skilled labourers put time and effort to make sure the production is exact including stone carvers.  Historically it is the Stone carvings that define the architectural style of the interior and exterior of the building, thus the selection of the right design for your project is of utmost importance.

As technology progresses, work load is able to be done fast and efficient. GCAT group owns only top of the notch machinery, producing parts to maximize accuracy and creating the finest pieces. Our up-to-date CNC machines are known for its precision, simplicity and time. It has allowed us to complete numerous beautiful projects in a short period.