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General Testing

GCAT Group is dedicated to fabricate the finest natural stone quality. As the top leading company in natural stone composite productions, GCAT observes precise quality control procedures and testing. We have been participating in testing beyond the minimum requirement, which offers a peace of mind to owners and consumers when knowing.

These examinations are performed at both independent national laboratories and universities as well as at our company’s manufacturing facilities.

All Purpose Examinations:

Air & Water Access ASTM E 283-7
Accelerated Weathering   ASTM G 53
Water Resistance  ASTM D 2247
Water Infiltration  ASTM E 331
Static Pressure [Exterior]  ASTM E 330-00
Cyclic Loading Pressure [Exterior]  ASTM 1886-05
Radiant Heat Exposure Test NFPA 268
Fire Exposure & Endurance Test  ASTM E 119
Diversified Fire Test ASTM E 1087
Positive & Negative Wind Loads ASTM E 330
Missle Impact Test ASTM 1996-05B
Salt Spray Resistance ASTM B 117
Freeze/Thaw ASTM C 67

Natural Stone Testing

GCAT performs testing on natural stone to verify its physical properties as compared to its relevant ASTM minimum/maximum requirements.  We perform various examinations on limestone, granite, marble, travertine, onyx, and other natural stone assembly testing.  Testing is provided for adhered applications as well as mechanical anchor attachment applications. 

The Basic Five Physical Property Examinations:



Standard Test Methods:

  • ASTM C97 / C97M- Absorption and Bulk Specific Gravity of Dimension Stone: These test methods cover the tests for determining the absorption and bulk specific gravity of all types of dimension stone, except slate. 
  • ASTM C99 / C99M-Modulus of Rupture of Dimension Stone: This test method covers the determination of the modulus of rupture of all types of dimension stone except slate.
  • ASTM C170 / C170M-Compressive Strength of Dimension Stone: This test method covers the sampling, preparation of specimens, and determination of the compressive strength of dimension stone.
  • ASTM C880 / C880M-Flexural Strength of Dimension Stone: This test method covers the procedure for determining the flexural strength of stone by use of a simple beam using quarter-point loading.
  • ASTM C1352 / C1352M-Flexural Modulus of Elasticity of Dimension Stone: This test method covers the procedure for determining the flexural modulus of elasticity of stone by using a simple beam with quarter-point loading.
  • ASTM C1354 / C1354M-Strength of Individual Stone Anchorages in Dimension Stone: This test method provides procedures for determining the ultimate strength of an assembly consisting of stone with mechanical anchor (anchorage).